Hot Desking Signage System

Maximize your workspace efficiency and enhance productivity

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Key Features

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Hot Desking Signage

Seamlessly integrates with your existing booking systems.

Real-time updates on desk availability.

Multi-Port Hub

Pre-connected Ethernet, monitor, and power adapter on the office desk. Just plug the laptop into the USB-C cable to immediately start charging, connecting to the internet, and extending the screen display

Built-in Apps

Tailored applications to boost your productivity: Pomodoro, Weather, Todoist, etc.

Apps include task management, calendar sync, note-taking, and more.

- Benifits -

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Enhanced Efficiency

Sync with your booking system, show as Available, Booked, Requires Cleaning, and other customized text. Ensures that every desk is utilized effectively, reducing downtime and maximizing workspace efficiency.

Quick software customization to integrate with existing reservation systems

Setup Your Workspace

Integrated USB Multi-Port Hub with HDMI and Ethernet​.

It is plug and play, uses just one USB-C cable, and everything is set up and ready in an instant.

docking station
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Boosted Productivity

With many built-in Apps, making it easy to switch real-time applications with one switch, providing you with greater flexibility and efficiency, and keeping everything under control.

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