- Office -

SyncSign can seamlessly integrate SignSign Display with your existing calendar system (Microsoft Office 365, Google Calendar/G-Suite, or MS Exchange), and synchronizes the room schedule to be displayed in the conference room sign. No show meetings, unexpected occupation in the meeting rooms, or booking the room ad hoc will no longer be the issue. Check here to know more.

room signage in a college door

- Coworking Space -

Know whether a workspace is available, even from a distance. The ePaper screen tells you whether a space is available and from how long, and the screen color show the status from a space, even from a distance. 

With versatile mounting options to suit every type of desk, these screens help support flexible workspaces that meet your needs and help you stay productive. Check here to know more.

On the sight of the individual

  • Room/desk availability at a glance
  • A space call their own
  • Better work experience

On the sight of the organization

  • Easy to manage
  • Streamline operations and cut costs
  • Value Added

- Library -

The library has meeting rooms and audio-visual rooms for group discussions, project work, or seminars.

The old methods to show the availability of these rooms are printed paper or flip-flop whiteboards.

The administrator and staff print out paper calendars or wipe out the schedule on the whiteboards which needed to be constantly updated. This was quite the chore for the administrative specialists as if they failed to update the calendars several times a day, there would be scheduling issues as staff would see the meeting room as “open” when in fact it was not.

The on-demand nature of the signs will help with that, whenever there is an update on the calendar, the E-ink sign will automatically update the image within 15~20 seconds. Liberate the time of the administrator and staff.

- Retail Store -

Adopted the SyncSign Electronic Shelf Lable in the stores.
Deliver end-to-end solutions for today and tomorrow’s in-store shelf-edge connectivity requirements. Check here to know more.

For Retail Enterprises

  • Variable price automatic management, reduce labor costs.
  • Paperless operation throughout, saving consumables, green environmental protection, energy-saving;
  • Real-time promotion, different environments (seasons, cycles, etc.), rapid promotion and execution.

For Customer

  • Rich commodity information, accurately combined with App to provide comprehensive value-added services.
  • Improve interaction;
  • Enhance consumer stickiness.
electronic shelf label in supermarket

- Exhibition Hall -

Exhibit image as well as description displayed on the screen. Place it just on the side of the exhibit, ePaper Display can bring the visitor a eco-friendly feeling. Connects people closer to the objects, as well as the theme of the Exhibition.

Serve as a notice board.
The content might be versatile, but we can change them in minutes, without sending staff the replace them on-site one by one.