E-ink Signage for Home Office

- Idea -

In the past, the traditional way of working, due to the separation of work scenes and life scenes, led to the separation of personal life and work. 

With the popularization of the concept of Home Office, the efficiency and quality of life have risen to a certain extent. Before, people had to make compromises, but now, balance can be built between the two.

The Covid-19 has accelerated the trend, the idea of working from home are opted to taken by an increasing number of people in the past two years.

Ideal as it were, some doubts were raised on if the productivity can still be maintained at the same level compared to work in the office. 

- Challenge -

You have your daily schedule, you’ve planned them well beforehand:
– Zoom meeting with client on 10:00 AM
– Ticket review on 3:00 PM
– A market research report on 7:00 PM 
Have you ever encountered such occasions? That things been interrupted.
Scene #1: You were having an important Zoom meeting with you client. Your 13-year-old son came over and asked you where you put the Switch last night. Though you’ve had the door close, he still comes in anyway, since from nowhere that he will know you are on some important meeting!
Scene #2: You were into some writing, the inspiration is on its way. Your home office door was half-open: since you don’t want to shut your door to anyone in the house. But you don’t want to be interrupted when you are focusing either
Your partner comes to ask where did you put the car key…
But you have no idea too, so both of you went to find the car key…
Scene #3:
You have kids, their FaceTiming, TikTok and Xbox habits may slow your productivity, you don’t want to be disturbed, rather than saying to them that you are at work over and over again, you’ve had the door shut, and that might lead to the scene #1.
Can anything help? well, we need a sign to accurately convey your work schedule to family members. On the premise of ensuring work efficiency, will not lose the warmth of communicating with family members.
E-ink Signage with your daily schedule on it can help. A lot!

- Solution -

The SyncSign Display can sync with your calendar, and have all your daily schedule displayed on the screen. 

Turning digital signage into a kind reminder, making sure that your family members, friends, and roommates don’t interrupt you while you’re busy. Delivering a clear message of your daily schedule to others.

Use it to improve work efficiency is just benefit one. More importantly, it serves as a tool for effective communication with others. Little investment with high return. 

The ideal state of working from home is to find a work-life balance. With this in check, you don’t need to explain to others what you are or about to do over and over again. 

e-ink room sign

- Some Other Use Cases -

Serve as a notice board, just type some information via the SyncSign Web Portal/App. 

House chores would be a good way to educate the children with the responsibility and the virtue of work. We can have the task assigned in the family reunion. But you cannot expect everyone to note down all the tasks, that’s why a notice board would help. Have the tasks displayed on the E-ink paper
– Water the flower-Emily
– Wash the car-John
– Visit the Thompson: get ready at 4:00 PM

This will be an effective relationship builder tool for your family. Includes all the family members together while getting the house chores done.

Customizing content: Besides working with the calendar system, SyncSign also provide the open API/SDK document to developers to customize their system. Message can be updated within seconds.

With open Restful Web API, you may push any content that you created to the Display: ticket number, images of bacteria of your research, stock market index, etc.

Customized template (layout) is also supported, delivering the message in a form that you like. 

Check the example of how to display today’s weather and the temperature outside on the sign

- More on Deployment -

You might have questions on why choosing a SyncSign Diplay, and these questions raised up

  • Will complex electrical wiring be needed?
  • How easy it is to setup the SyncSign Display?
  • Will I need to replace the battery from time to time?
  • How easy it is to install a SyncSign Display

Let’s check how SyncSign handle those.

- Setup in Minutes -

Step 1. Paste (or put) the SyncSign Display on the sticker (or bracket), then the display will stick firm on the surface.

Step 2. Install the mobile App, create an account, and setup the SyncSign IoT Hub

Step 3. Sign in your calendar administrator account and the display to your calendar. Everything is ready after binding.

- Long Battery Life -

Devices like iPad or Android Tablet will require to be changed from time to time, which requires the daily checking on the battery or some complex electrical installations. 
Adopted with low-power consumption technology, the battery autonomy time of the SyncSign Display can be more than  1 year.

Battery Life Comparison

> 365 days
Other (iPad, Tablet)
0.5 day

SyncSign Display

Other (iPad, Tablet)

E-Paper Screen

0.0001 Watt

LCD/LED Screen

2 Watt

Have more questions? We’d love to help!