Use Digital Sign to Better Adapt With the Post-COVID-19 Era

- Insight -

The Internet has liberating the space limitation of distance, while technology has changed the way people work and cooperate. Distance seems no longer an issue anymore, as people can work remotely. Covid-19 has accelerated this trend a great deal.

According to a new McKinsey survey of 100 executives across industries and geographies. In the postpandemic future of work, nine out of ten organizations will be combining remote and on-site working, which is called Hybrid work model.

Desk hoteling is what can be adopted with the Hybrid work, Well, what is desking hoteling? Desk hoteling allows employees to reserve in advance the desk they want to use for the day but still gives employees the freedom to choose the space they want to work in, becomes more and more popular in the post-Covid-19 era.

- A Step Further on Desk Hoteling -

We can take a step further with this desk hoteling solution, which is to make the office environment into a paperless one, with the help of an E-ink Display

Based in Marshall, Minnesota, The Schwan’s Home Service sells frozen foods from home delivery trucks, in grocery store freezers, by mail, and to the food service industry.

Returning to the office during the COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything we have experienced before. In the face of these challenges, organizations must ensure that employees, management, policies, procedures, and office solutions support this ‘new normal’. 

‘To better adapted with the Covid-19, they’ve combined SyncSign Display with their Office 365 calendar system, turning their workspace into a Desk hoteling manner with an eco-friendly and hassle-free touch.

During the pandemic, most of the staff works and home. As things become better, employees return to the office to work.  They’ve had the SyncSign 2.9-inch Display and 7.5-Inch Display deployed on their office:

‘Each one for every cubicle, office, and conference room. Because of Covid as we return to the office everyone coming into the office will have to reserve an office or cubicle. We call them Hotel offices because nobody has one location assigned to them.’

Joe Hudson
IT OPS Manager

From the employee’s sight:
A space calls their own: having their name and reserved time showed on the screen, employees do not need to worry if someone will take their desks reserved if they do not arrive on the office early enough.

Availability at a glance: Having desks and areas clearly labeled will enable members to find their proper space with ease.  No need to check their email of where their desks are located, as the reservation information are all shows up on the screen.
Agile practice of the social distance: Bring more visibility into the workplace with desk booking displays and meeting room signs. Giving employees the choice of where and how to work.

From the company sight:
Optimize human resource management: The facility manager can easily arrange the desk/room resources, especially in the post-Covid-19 era, the social distancing rules need to be taken into account. An E-ink signage would be a good helper of that.
Improve productivity and lower costs: Reduce unnecessary contact. More effective space utilization keeps the balance sheet in check.
Enhance team cohesion: With the employees knowing that the company can back their up in various ways while facing the challenge of Covid-19.

Either is desk hoteling or work from home, the very essence of these methods is to put the health of the employees first, while at the same time keep the productivity and efficiency up on the whole entity.

After all, the most valuable asset for a company, is the people who work there. People-oriented, where everything starts and ends.