- Ideas -

The trend of the problem-solving product will be: eco-friendly, energy-saving, and economical.
Colleges are intended to go green to improve their public perception and reduce the labor and material waste in the daily campus maintenance.

Room resources are the places where the knowledge was communicated.  They are also one of the important assets of the college. If these room resources are being well managed, then the output is unmeasurable. But if it is not, then that would be a headache for everyone.

- About MaKami College-

MaKami College is a provincially licensed public, post-secondary college with locations in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta.

MaKami opened in 2001 and grew to become the largest massage therapy school in Alberta, teaching students to become highly trained massage therapists with our 3,000 Hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma program. Since that time, the school has grown to include programs for Health Care Aide, Business Administrative Assistant, Master Instructor and Alberta Basic Security Training.

MaKami offers a blend of flexible online and in-person classes, with highly trained instructors, work experience opportunities and plenty of one-on-one attention within our Student Success Centre.

- Challenge -

Sometimes the room schedule will change temporarily, but the people involved might not know that in time. 
Imagine the workflow of changing a classroom schedule information on the spot,

  • Print out the updated classroom schedule.
  • Hurry to the location before the next event arrives

This happens from time to time, and every time this happens, a certain amount of paper and labor were wasted.

Why so difficult? just updating the classroom schedule.
Is there a better way? when there’s something updated, the message will be synchronized automatically.
Let’s check how MaKami College copes with this.

- How MaKami Cope With This -

MaKami College has deployed 43 SyncSign 4.2-Inch Displays at the entrance of each classroom. With easy setup, the Displays had been bound to the corresponding room resources, and had the classroom schedule synced on the screen. 
Whenever there is an update, the Display will refresh within seconds. Always keep the information the latest. 
The schedule may change constantly, what is left unchanged, is the ability to keep up with the changes.

This application will streamline the workflow of how the information was delivered. Students, teachers, staff, will be well informed of the schedule of the classroom by the room signage. Besides, not just the classroom, but also the library, share study spaces, and some other public areas can also go green with the SyncSign ePaper.

These are the reason why SyncSign can win the trust: 

  • Green Technology: Eco-friendly and sustainable. Get rid of any paper or printing.
  • Secure System: All transmissions between Display and Hub are encrypted with AES-128. The connection between Hub and cloud server is WPA2/WPA3/TLSv1.2 protected.
  • Sleek Design: Keep the oneness of the environment, you will only notice it when you need it.

In the meantime, in accordance with MaKami’s habits, together we work with MaKami IT Support Department, have the customized templates applied, so as to make the presentation of information more in line with the specific working scenario.
Some features make this solution more practical:

  • Easy to Install: With the complimentary sticker, the Display can stick firmly on the surface. No need to drill any holes in the wall.
  • Long Battery Autonomy Time: Adopted with the low-power consumption technology, the battery life of the 4.2-Inch Display will be 6~9 months. For the 2.9-Inch Display and 7.5-Inch Display, the battery life can be more than 1-year.

Check out for more paperless applications in school.

- In Action -

This is a high ROI activity. Thanks to the trust of MaKami College, for providing SyncSign the chance to make the world a better place. 

Paperless solution with a technical touch, we are on the go! 

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