- Idea -

One product will not meet all needs, just as there not an answer for all the questions. In the service industry, products are certainly the mainstay. but well customer experience is what makes the difference.

The transmission of information plays a vital role in the service industry. Many inefficient processes, conflicts, and waste are caused by inadequate information delivery. Visualizing information can effectively solve the above-mentioned problems

Due to the diversification of scenes, the information displaying requirements are diversified. For example, in a clinic, the events contain the patient’s name, in the reservation system, the doctor can know which patient they will receive. But to protect the patient’s privacy, the clinic prefers not to display the patient’s information on the door/wall signs.

A digital signage that can sync the calendar events, while having a flexible customized content capability, would be the ideal solution for this kind of use case.

- Challenge -

Each Clinic will use its own appointment system. In addition, the reservation information of the patient will be synchronously displayed on the calendar of the doctor.

But for the sign on the door/wall in the consultation room, we don’t want the patient’s name displayed on the screen, and have some requirements that the digital signage on the door/wall needs to fulfil:

  • Visitor’s privacy: Would be awkward to tell everyone that Mr. John has some psychological concerns, thus the visitor’s privacy would be the priority. 
  • Valid information: The sign shall contain the room name, doctor’s name, specialty as well as some other information. So that the visitor can know from the sign of if they’ve come to the right room and if the doctor is available for the visit.
  • Auto-update: The sign shall sync the events whenever there is an update, either is the visitor temporarily cancels the meeting or the meeting shall prolong for a certain time, all the updates will be synced to the sign, reducing the conflict or interruption.
  • Cable-free installation: It shall be easy to install, without any complex electrical wiring and battery-powered would be an ideal choice. Saving a lot of installation and maintenance fees.

Let’s check how a battery-powered E-ink signage can handle this challenge.


- Solution -

Sync with the calendar system, SyncSign E-ink Display can have the information displayed on the screen, which can provide the visitors the clear instruction of which room they should be visited, without abruptly breaking into an ongoing medical event.

The benefits are very intuitive. 

For individuals:

Great improvements will be brought to the Clinic.

For clinic:

- Advantages -

Plus, here are the advantages that make SyncSign E-ink Display bright.

- How to Sync -

Each Clinic will use its own appointment system. But that will not be the problem.

Option One: Sync with the existing calendar system

As long as the reservation system can sync with the calendar system, then SyncSign E-ink signage can display the reserving information by syncing with the calendar system.

Option Two:API calls

SyncSign provides the open API document, developers can push the content to the SyncSign Display via API calls.


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- Thoughts-

Well-managed communication can avoid a lot of unnecessary conflicts and save a lot of communication and maintenance costs. In the meantime, the user experience was greatly lifted.

Also, the SyncSign E-ink Display is the paperless solution for the meeting conflict. Using the technology to replace the paper, lower down the carbon footprint in the daily practice in the clinic.

A room scheduler that can have the room resources well-managed. A step forward to the carbon neutrality

This is a good demonstration of the concept ‘People Oriented, Nature Oriented’.