How SyncSign Works

What would happen when an employee scheduled a meeting?

Team Member

Creates or modifies an event on the calendar software, and pick a room resource.‚Äč

Calendar System

Reserves and locks the room resource. Then sends a notification to SyncSign Cloud

SyncSign Cloud

Forwards the notification to the Hub inside the office.

SyncSign Hub

Requests event data from calendar system directly. Then sends it to SyncSign Displays.

SyncSign Display

Renders the screen with event data received.

Block Diagram

What are the devices to deploy in my spaces?

  • The Hub creates a mesh network that connect all displays and sensors.
  • The Hub synchronize the online calendar events, then push them to display screens.
  • The Hub reads sensors' data and analyze them on the fly.
  • Parallel operation possible (e.g. install more hubs on several floors).