- The Introduction of Worthington Libraries -

Worthington Libraries

In our daily life, there are various sites that provide people with lots of places to accomplish their affairs. Like Worthington Libraries, with three locations, offers comprehensive services for customers, which include supplying the meeting room use services. 

The Systems Administrator of Worthington Libraries, Sam Lewis wanted to enhance the meeting room resource management as well as improve the user experience to immediately search for the room they want on the first-come, first-served basis. 

So Sam began finding the appropriate a room signage to assist him to deal with his problems. Let’s see what problems he faced.

- Challenge -

At the past, the library administrators needed to print the information of reservation and then stick nearby the meeting room door. Hence, if there is any change, administrators only  reprint the paper and replace the old one (similar to the following picture), which increases the workload of staffs and is not convenient for them.

At the same time, sometimes some visitors wouldn’t reserve the room in advance so he wanted a digital display that could indicates the availability/status of a room in real time as well as with the QR code which every user just scan by phone to reserve a room as long as they arrive at the library. That means it could avoid wasting time to look for a room for visitors.

Meanwhile, although Sam once tried two other display options, they could not customize them the way he wanted. Hence, he hoped that the display with customization is much better.

Eventually, he has discovered SyncSign could meet all of his requirements.

room schedules printed on the paper

- Solution and Benefits -

a room calender display

For staffs 

  • manage the meeting room resources and alter the information of the room by online schedule system real time
  • simplify the procedures and improve the working efficiency of staffs

For Worthington Libraries 

  • advocate the public awareness of  paper resource conservation and environmental protection to some extend
  • optimize the room resource and maintain the meeting room area in a good order
  • provide much better room reservation service and then leaves a great reputation for others

As you could see in the following picture, the SyncSign Display shows the room name ( Raccoon Study Room ) on the screen and the 7.5-inch display was stuck on the glass door and you could see the status and future events of the room. For example, in this picture, the signage shows the room is available before 2: 30 pm, so it indicates user he or she could reserve the time period to use the room.

What benefits did SyncSign bring to Worthington Libraries?

For visitors

  • tell visitors which room they could walk into through the screen, even though they don’t reserve in advance 
  • enhance the room experience well and avoid affecting their schedules
  • keep from the room having been occupied occasionally by others and then avert some unnecessary conflicts between visitors.
room calender display

- What the Client Said -

When we asked about the user experience, Sam replied to us

“We are still in love with our 7.5-inch displays. Being able to display a room’ s schedule is very nice.”

Furthermore, Sam deeply appreciated the customizable solution from SyncSign: 

“We’re proud of the customization work that we were able to do with SyncSign. 

I think showing how different our layout is compared to your default ones will really show off the customizability of SyncSign.”

The a customizable solution refers to flexible templates & open API/SDK.

That means you can

  • customize your corporate branding or logo
  • select the layout templates we offered

Apart from customizable solution, SyncSign Display has another three advantages:

  • easy installation
  • long Battery Autonomy Time (1-1.5 years battery life)
  • syncs with existing Calendars

If you want to learn more, you could click here.

- Future -

With SyncSign, the meeting room management solution brought the following benefits for Worthington Libraries:

  • improve the working method of staffs there thereby streamlining their workflow
  • help staffs there spend more time on other things, increasing their working efficiency
  • optimize the meeting room resource and facilitate the meeting room management.

In a word, SyncSign simplifies anything!

Not just used in the library, SyncSign Display can be adopted in various sites like school, office, hospital

Do you want to optimize the room space and manage the space easier?

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