- Background -

Hey,guys! Base on the IoT technology, the SyncSign e-ink display has revolutionized the way we manage our space resources. By displaying the real-time appointment information, we has served for various industries like school, library and law firm to help people get to know the usage conditions and optimizing the use of space resources. Here are some examples of how our e-ink display is used across various industries.

- Client Stories -

The school has three study rooms in the library that people can reserve through their calendar system. However, without any visual cue or room sign near the door, it’s difficult for students to know if the room is already booked. Moreover, the wall is not glass, so it’s also challenging to see if the room is free or being used. This situation leads to students taking the room without confirming its availability with the facility manager, which then becomes a time-consuming task for the manager.

The manager spends a lot of their time on this issue, and even those who reserve the room may end up finding it already taken upon their arrival. The Head Librarian, Tedd Roseberry, wants to address this situation by implementing room signage that can sync with the room schedule and automatically update its latest events on the screen. Therefore, the implementation of such signs will greatly benefit the library’s patrons and its staff members.

desk booking

Our customer runs a bookstore. Not only do they sell books, but they also offer a shared workspace for individuals to use. It’s the perfect spot for those who crave a quiet, comfortable environment to work or study in.

However, they faced a problem where some visitors would claim seats by placing their personal items there, only to return and find their seat occupied. This challenge not only made it difficult for bookstore administrators to manage the shared space but also created chaos and confusion for visitors.

To solve this problem, they has deployed an e-ink display. This display has made it easier for administrators to streamline their workflow and visitors can quickly find the available seats as well as it ensures that seats don’t get unexpectedly occupied by others.

eink digital display

Our client, a law firm, urgently needed a solution to display the availability of their meeting rooms in a clear and automatic way. They specifically requested two simple graphics to indicate when a room is occupied and when it’s vacant.

To fulfill their request, the client provided us with two photos to display on the e-ink display. We put in our best effort and successfully met the client’s requirement for clear and concise graphics to convey the availability of meeting rooms. With the latest information displayed on the screen, staff members no longer need to be confused or interrupted when checking for meeting room availability.

Overall, our product brought great ease of use and efficiency to the client’s office experience.

- Advantages -

Among these case studies, you may be interested in the details about SyncSign E-ink Display:

Sync with existing calendar system

Synchronizes the real-time room status and the future events integrating with an existing calendar system, like Office 365, Google Calendar, G-Suite (Google Workspace), MS Exchange.

Long Battery Life

With the e-ink screen, the Display only consumes the energy when information shown on the screen is changed. And it can be used for 1-year at least.

Truly cable-free installation

No cabling, no drilling. Adapted for all surfaces. Free users from drilling holes on the wall.

Secure System

All transmissions between Display and Hub are encrypted with AES-128. The connection between Hub and Cloud server are WPA2/WPA3/TLSv1.2 protected.

- Future -

Well, you could consider our E-Ink Display for better workspace management and a more positive experience for your organization. Our solution provides real-time information about room/desk status, making it easy for employees to find and reserve the space they need, which is an excellent investment for you looking to create a more productive and collaborative work environment.