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- Introduction

Glarotech accompany and support in e-commerce projects. They provide a web-based POS solution for a unique sales experience. They offer simple design adjustments using shop administration to seamless integration into an existing website with detailed design implementation.


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Recently Glarotech has deployed the SyncSign Meeting Room Display solution to resolve the room management challenge they were facing. We’ve had the honor to talk to José Fontanil, the Managing Partner at Glarotech GmbH, who is in charge of this project.

- Challenge: Unauthorized Room Occupation -

At Glarotech, the company prides itself on being an innovative technology company always looking for cutting-edge solutions. However, they struggled with a common workplace challenge – efficiently managing their many meeting rooms across multiple offices.

They use Google Workspace to book the meeting rooms, but often encounter constant issues of unauthorized room occupation. Quote from José “if employees got to the room, the room was not empty, you would have to go check on the calendar” This clearly has disrupted the schedule of each employee that is going to use the room, and really hurt productivity.

That’s when they knew they needed to find a signage solution that could sync with their Google Workspace Calendar. Their research led them to SyncSign.

- How Can SyncSign Help -

Glarotech has installed two SyncSign 4.2-inch Displays outside the office wall. What immediately caught their attention were the powerful capabilities SyncSign meeting room Displays offered, including:

- Seamless Google Workspace Integration -

SyncSign Display’s ability to sync seamlessly with their existing Google calendars, meant room schedules were always accurate and up-to-date on the screen. And they can still book the room as they used to, no need to adapt to a new booking system.

- Simple Setup and Mounting -

Getting the Displays set up was a quick, hassle-free process. With the magic sticker, the 4.2-inch Display can be installed easily and firmly on the wall. Wire-free installation methods save a lot of labor costs.

4.2-inch Glarotech

- Low Energy Consumption E-Ink Displays -

Because it is battery powered, and the battery can last for 1 year before it needs to be charged again. The energy-efficient e-ink Displays avoided complex electricity setups and frequent battery charges, making them a sustainable choice. Keep the oneness environment of the office.

- Flexible Branding Options -

The slick design of the Display suits the office decor very well. Glarotech has chosen the built-in template that suits the best for them. When the room is occupied, the eink screen will turn red, indicating that there is a meeting going on right now. A future event is also shown on the bottom. Even on the far, people can see the sign at a glance without coming close to the Display front.

- Maximized Productivity and Positive Feedback -

After installing the SyncSign solution across Glarotech, they saw an immediate positive impact. All their employees could check room availability at a glance without having to check the calendars online constantly. It’s great to always know how long a room will be vacant or occupied.

This clear visibility into their meeting spaces meant they finally optimized their meeting room’s productivity. No more wasted time dealing with confusion over unauthorized room occupation or wandering to find an available room.

"Employees simply appreciate it, more over you always see how long the room is vacant or how long it will be occupied by whom. We deployed the system already (we use Google Workspace as calendar) for two of our meeting rooms. It has been greatly appreciated both, by our employees and our visitors. We already recommended you to another company!"
José Fontanil
Managing Partner at Glarotech GmbH

Using technology to fix the problem and improve productivity is always what SyncSign wants to achieve. We were honored that we can help to shape Glarotech’s culture.