Why IoT Sensors?

Increase Your Workspace Utilisation

Monitor with Sensors

SyncSign use battery powered wireless sensors to monitor how each desk, booth, seat and room in your office is being used. It’s the perfect partner for our SyncSign ePaper Room Display.

Reduce Costs

With real estate being such a major cost – it is reassuring that you can now see just how well – or not – your space is being used and make future purchasing, reconfiguration or downsizing plans accordingly.

Built with Latest IoT Technology

Low Power Mesh Network

  • To save power, SyncSign doesn't use the traditional Wi-Fi connection.
  • 2.4GHz ISM band usage ensures license-free product deployment worldwide.

Secure System

  • Only authorized nodes are allowed to join the mesh network.
  • All transmissions between sensors and hub are encrypted with AES-128.
  • The connection between hub and cloud server are TLSv1.3 protected.

Managed with Hub

  • An ultra low cost bridge between local mesh network and Internet.
  • Uplink with Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  • Manage up to 16 individual sensors in a single mesh network.

Open API / SDK

  • With Hub SDK, developers can easily write Python code and deploy the application to the hub.
  • Integrate with IFTTT or other web services with open API.

Technical Specifications

Occupancy Sensor

Climate Sensor

Door & Window Sensor

Occupancy Sensors

Get the Most Out of Your Workplace

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