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How SyncSign 7.5-Inch Display Work With Aruba Wireless Access Point

SyncSign Display can connect to SyncSign Server via WiFi, fetch the latest content and display them on the screen.
But to maximize battery life, the SyncSign Display only connects to WiFi when needed, but it keeps the BLE Radio on and broadcasts its existence at a lower frequency.
Therefore, SyncSign Display needs to be “triggered” by Bluetooth LE, wake up, and connect to WiFi, so as to update the screen in time.
Besides providing WiFi access, [ Aruba Wireless Access Point ] can also wake up the SyncSign Display via BLE

Note: not all Aruba Wireless Access Points are supported, please make sure the Aruba Wireless Access Points is:

  • AP with Bluetooth Radio built-in
  • running ArubaOS 8.9 or higher version
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