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How to connect to a hidden WiFi SSID?

  • The SyncSign products currently cannot support directly connect to a hidden WiFi SSID. Below are two workarounds:
  • Workaround 1
    • Temporarily change the SSID of the Access Point into an available one.
    • Add the hub to your SyncSign account via SyncSign App/Web Portal.
    • After successfully having the hub added, you may make that WiFi into a hidden one.
  • Workaround 2
    • Find the Hub IP Address: On the SyncSign App/Web Portal> Menu> Settings> Hubs> Hubs Setting, when you will find the IP address of the Hub.
    • Log into the Hub Portal:
      • User Name: admin
      • Password: Lock4Safe
    • On the Hub Portal: Admin Settings> Setup> WiFi> Then you may input the WiFi that you prefer the Hub to connect. Then the Hub will connect to that WiFi SSID.
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