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How to upgrade Hub firmware in LAN?


Hub needs to download new firmware from SyncSign’s OTA server and update it. However, individual users may encounter network freezes during the update process and cause the update to fail. This method provides instructions for establishing an OTA server in LAN and then performing firmware upgrades.

Specific Action Steps

1. Install a small Web server
2. Run the OTA server in the LAN
  • Run the HFS software on a PC
    • Confirm that the Web service is running on the same network segment IP address as the Hub: [Menu] -> [IP address]-> Select IP
      (Assume the current IP address of the Hub is, thus please select
    • Import the latest OTA firmware of the Hub into HFS: [Menu] -> [Add files] -> latest.bin
  • Confirm that the URL of the firmware can be accessed in LAN, for example: (You may enter the URL on another PC or smartphone in LAN via browser to confirm)
3. Perform the upgrade
  • Provide the SyncSign Support with: A) Hub’s SN; B) The available firmware URL(Verified in the steps above).
  • Finally, SyncSign Support will try to upgrade the Hub (Note: the PC where HFS is installed needs to be turned on and running the server, the Hub needs to be kept online).
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