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What should I do if I cannot receive the verification code in my mailbox when registering an account?

  • Regarding your concern, please proceed as follow:
  • Check the spam folder of your email box and see if you have received the email from <[email protected]>.
  • If you still can’t find the email sent from the SyncSign team <[email protected]>in the spam folder, please try the following steps:
  • Add [email protected] to your email whitelist.
  • After adding the mailbox whitelist, relaunch the SyncSign App/Web Portal and re-register the account.
  • After 1-3 minutes, please check your email box to check if you can receive <[email protected]> from the SyncSign team
  • If the above steps still do not work, please try to use another email address, such as Gmail.
  • If you still cannot have a SyncSign account registered, we can manually help you to have your email registered on our end. Please contact us on and provide us with the email address that you prefer to use as a SyncSign account.
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