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Why the display cannot be back online in time when the hub was powered up after a long term of power off?

  • This situation is caused by the low-power design of the display. The designing background of this kind of product is:
  • The hub will not be powered off, and the distance (between the hub and display) is usually fixed.
  • So that the display can maintain low power consumption for a long time.
  1. The energy consumed by the display searching the network nearby after disconnected (from the hub) is hundreds of times that of connected in standby mode. The battery consumed by the conduct of searching (the network nearby) is equivalent to that of one-hour working standby mode.
  2. Once the display cannot find the network, it will search the network dozens of times within an hour, and then enter the hibernation mode, searching once every 2 hours.
  3. Therefore, when the Hub is powered off for too long, the device will show offline and wait for more than an hour before being online again (because of the hibernation).
  4. If short pressing the button (on the display) or reinstalling the battery, the display will wake up and immediately conduct a search of the network then join in.
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