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Every SyncSign device purchased in SyncSign’s Store at sync-sign.com comes with standard coverage, a 1-year Limited Warranty. But if you purchase a SyncSign Care – Extended 2-Year Warranty, you extend your warranty coverage to two years from the original purchase date.
Additionally, you receive free complimentary both-way shipping in case of an approved warranty claim.
For even greater protection see our SyncSign Care – Extended 3-Year Warranty program.

Good to know:

Purchase SyncSign Care with your new SyncSign or buy it within 30 days of your SyncSign purchase.
New SyncSign devices purchased together with SyncSign Care will automatically be assigned the purchased extended warranty.
When acquiring SyncSign Care for existing devices please consult your SyncSign representative before purchase to verify the serial numbers of your devices.
One SyncSign Care coverage extends to only one SyncSign device and is linked to its serial number.
Both ways free complimentary shipping is available only when a device claim is considered under warranty.