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– No cable, set up and install right at your fingertips.
– Year-long battery life.
– Sync with existing popular web services. (Google Calendar/G Suite/ Office 365)
– Open API/SDK available for seamless integration.
– Secure remote access anytime, anywhere.
– Both cloud-based and on-premises deployment.


Hub deployments
For the number of Hub deployments, here are something to be considered:

1. Space area and signal blind zone: Generally, when installed on the ceiling and unobstructed, a Hub can cover the area of a circle with a radius of  65 ft (20 meters). Therefore, a Hub can manage an area of about 14,000 square ft (Around 1,300 square meters). However, if there is any wall or glass barrier, the distance might shorten greatly. Under this circumstance, it is recommended to add Hub to cover the signal blind area.

2. The number of display nodes managed by a single Hub: In theory, each Hub can manage more than 300 Display Nodes, but considering the situation of concurrent screen updates, if the number of nodes is too large, the queue (nodes waiting to be updated) might be too long and the screen cannot be updated in time. Under this circumstances, it is recommended to add more Hubs and use different radio channels for PAN, so that the Hubs can manage the Displays separately.
– For the conference room signage scene, it is recommended to manage no more than 10 Displays per Hub.
– For the desk name tag scene, each Hub manages no more than 30 Displays.
– For the supermarket price tag (ESL) scene, each Hub can manage around 500~1000 Displays.

PAN Wireless Communication

2.4GHz 802.15.4

PAN TX Power

up to 20dBm


5V/1A USB adapter




2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi