The Case Study about
Sharing Space Management

- Background -

Located in China mainland, Chengdu Wenxuan Bookstore is a well-known chain bookstore that offers an extensive range of books, including literature, art, science, humanities, social sciences, and lifestyle. With over 100 franchise and chain stores across China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and many other major cities and tourist destinations, Chengdu Wenxuan Bookstore is a well-established destination for book lovers and knowledge seekers. In addition to selling books, this bookstore also provides a shared workspace for individuals to use, which create a quiet and comfortable environment for people to work or study. 

- Challenge -

With more and more people opting for a quiet and comfortable working or studying environment outside of their own homes, this bookstore is looking to improve its shared space offerings. Once, the store faced a particular challenge where some visitors will be accustomed to placing their personal items to occupy a seat, only to return and find their belongings moved and their seat occupied. For bookstore administrators, the constant interruption of visitors asking which seats are available distracts from their other responsibilities.

Hence, the administrators are looking for a solution that allows visitors to easily find and reserve a suitable seat on their own, while preventing seats from being occupied unexpectedly by others.

By doing so, it not only streamlines the workflow for administrator but also provides people with much better experience at using the sharing space.

sharing space layout
sharing space

- Solution -

They have their own appointment system and they discovered that SyncSign Display can transmit relevant information from their appointment system to SyncSign Cloud in real time by calling the API. And then the Display will show the information. Additionally, SyncSign Display supports custom templates, through which they display the QR code for reserving a seat on the display, making it easier for people to reserve on the go.

how it works
desk booking

- Benefits -

  • Real-time seat availability display

By using e-ink display to show the availability of seats in real-time, visitors can easily find a suitable seat and reserve it on their own by scan the QR code.

  • Reduced unexpected occupancy

by providing real-time seat availability status, people can easily identify which seat is unoccupied, thereby reducing the likelihood of accidental seat occupancy and potentially embarrassing situations.

  • Optimized sharing space utilization

By automating the management of shared seats, people can easily access and use available seats in a timely manner, maximizing the utilization of these shared spaces.

  • Reduced interruptions for administrators

The bookstore’s administrators can focus on their other responsibilities without being constantly interrupted by visitors asking about seat availability, which is beneficial to improve the working efficiency.

- Future -

Overall, Implementing a display that shows the real-time availability of sharing space in bookstores can bring various benefits. It is a worthwhile investment for Chengdu Wenxuan Bookstore looking to optimize the sharing space management and improve the customer experience.