The Case Study about
Smart Cleaning Feedback System

- Background -

Greenbird is a digital solutions company specializing in software and hardware development since 2016, and a market leader in predictive infrastructure service management in Europe. Greenbird Solutions combines IoT and expertise in software development with sensor integration into complete end-to-end applications.

- Challenge -

They want to develop a clean feedback device powered by batteries for an IoT-based smart clean feedback solution.

Their envisioned solution is as follows: a feedback device can collect data on the hygiene status and cleaning work of public areas; a PIR sensor records the flow of people in the toilet on that day and sends the data to the server provided by the customer for storage, data management, and analysis.

The entire solution is used to better understand the state of cleaning work and facilitate management personnel to make appropriate decisions, improving the efficiency and quality of cleaning work and ensuring the cleanliness of public areas.

By doing so, it not only streamlines the workflow for administrator but also provides people with much better experience at using the sharing space.

- Solution -

intelligent feedback cleaning system

Improving cleaning quality

Optimizing the workflow

Develop their business

- Future -

Overall, Implementing a display that shows the real-time availability of sharing space in bookstores can bring various benefits. It is a worthwhile investment for Chengdu Wenxuan Bookstore looking to optimize the sharing space management and improve the customer experience.