- Background -

With the development of technology, more and more devices play an important role in our workplace, which lie in their practicality. As we all know, the meeting room is a place where we solve the problem or negotiate some details about one project. Therefore, it is essential to manage the room resource well, thereby having our affairs arranged smoothly.

- The Introduction of RELAIS & CHATEAUX -

RELAIS & CHATEAUX is founded in 1954, which provides a delicate meal, careful customer service and pleasant hotel environment for tourists. The group currently has about 580 members in 68 countries on five continents, like Japan, America, China, and so on. It uses these five words “ Character, Courtesy, Calm, Charm and Cuisine ” as the group’s traditional “five C” motto.

- Challenge -

Imagine that you have the emergent issue to hold a meeting but you don’t reserve the meeting room in advance and you don’t have time to search for the room. Under this situation, the procedure might be delayed and the work efficiency of your whole team will be affected.

Pierre, the IT director of RELAIS & CHATEAUX, is encountering this difficulty presently: For the privacy concern, the wall of their meeting room is not transparent glass made, which means, the people outside the room, will need to literally walk into the room, to know if the room was occupied. This cause several awkward interruptions from time to time.

Meanwhile, they didn’t plan to furnish the office thoroughly, so complex electricity deployment will not be an ideal choice.  If they chose the kind of room signage (Android tablet/iPad) that needs the power supply, it is very costly, complicated as well as wastes much time. 

Thus he was trying to find a room signage that can:

  • Sync the current room status and show the future events.
  • Integrate with existing calendars
  • Wireless installation
  • Cost-effective

Finally, he has found SyncSign.

- About SyncSign -

We are the smart office solution supplier that helps the organization optimizes meeting rooms, desks, and workspace. It brings plenty of customization possibilities with IoT technology to simplify facility management, empower employees and increase workplace productivity.

- How a Syncsign Display Solves the Problem -

digital signage

They have installed a 2.9-Inch SyncSign as you can see in the picture: it just is stuck on the glass door. 

After the easy setup, staffs could know the real-time status of room from the screen, like the following picture (the screen displays “ libre”) 

In addition, if there is a change, the information on the screen will be updated simultaneously. 

What benefits does SyncSign bring to people?


Make the timetable properly
Finish own tasks before meeting


Employees can put more energy
Improve the outputs of the team


Avoid meeting conflicts
Maintain the harmonious order

Company culture

Create the company culture of heading to the effectiveness

- The Advantages of SyncSign -

digital signage on the glass door
  • Easy to Install

With the complimentary sticker, the Display can stick firmly on the surface. No need to drill any holes in the wall.

The digital signage was installed without wires on the glass door. This wireless installation can avoid office area crowded with wires, creating a simple and neat office environment.

  • Long Battery Autonomy Time

 Adopted with the low-power consumption technology, the battery life of the 2.9-Inch Display can be more than 1-year.

Once installed, only it needs to be taken down to replace the battery every 1~1.5 years! Enormous improvement compares to keeping charging the Android tablet/iPad every one or two days.

  • Synchronize Real-time Status of the Calendars

For employees, they can regulate their time well and remind them to prepare for the meeting. 

For the whole team, by integrating with an online schedule booking system, they can optimize deeply the meeting rooms to negotiate something important. thereby enhancing the team productivity.

- Future -

Having tried out the test unit, the management of RELAIS & CHATEAUX decide that they can scale the deployment of the SyncSign Display. Much appreciate their trust and support!

With the help of the technology of the Internet of things (IoT), the effectiveness of the organization can be greatly improved. In turn, humans can be more productive. This is also another way to be eco-friendly!

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