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- The Trend of Flexible Workspace -

Flexible workspace is becoming even more common after the pandemic. Some companies have seen the benefits of this work model and are already planning to shift to flexible workspace.

Seeing from the article “Our Work-from-Anywhere Future”, published in the Harvard Business Review, we can know some company like USPTO, Tulsa, TCS, GitLab has embraced all-or majority-remote models. In addition, Twitter, Shopify, Siemens are taking WFA into consideration.

At the same time, we have recently found the following investigation on the Linkedln was launched by Gary Travis(founder of BloomingBound). As we can see, a number of people can choose the workplace where they want to work, so it is obvious that the trend of flexible workspace will be more and more pervasive in the future. Why this work model is accepted gradually?

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- The Reasons For Prevailing -

For employees

Work-life balance

Flexible workspaces can allow employees to better balance their work and personal lives. By working from home or choosing their own hours, employees can more easily attend to family obligations or other commitments outside of work.

Reduced distractions

Even though open-plan workspace is convenient to communicate with our colleagues, actually we tend to be disturbed by surrounding noise like the rapid tapping sound in the keyboard, people’s conversations or the outside car horns sounding. With such environment, some staff who prefer to work at the quiet workspace have difficulty in focusing on their tasks, thereby lowering the working efficiency.

Financial benefits

Flexible workspaces can also have financial benefits for employees. For example, if an employee is able to work from home part of the time, they may be able to save money on commuting costs or other expenses associated with going into the office every day.

For organizations

Cost savings

By reducing the amount of office space they need and allowing employees to work remotely, companies can save money on rent, utilities, electricityand other trivial costs. This can be especially beneficial for startups or small businesses with limited resources.

Increased productivity

When employees have more control over their work environment, they may be more satisfied with their jobs, which can lead to greater engagement, higher productivity in their work.

Enhanced diversity

flexible workspaces can help companies to tap into a global talent pool. With remote work options, companies can recruit better talent from anywhere in the world, rather than being limited to a specific geographic region.

- Challenge and Solution -

As more companies adopt flexible work models, it’s crucial for businesses to consider the need for a physical workspace that can be used for occasional meetings and equipped with temporary desks for desk hotelling. By investing in a flexible workspace, companies can maintain a sense of community and connection with their employees, while also providing the flexibility and freedom that modern workers demand.

Hence, how to manage the shared workspace?

Have you ever experienced the frustration of booking a meeting room or desk in advance on the online reservation system, only to arrive and find it already occupied? This can disrupt your team’s schedule and lead to a negative experience.

Or have you ever experienced the awkward situation of leaving something on a shared desk to occupying a spot, only to return and find someone else sitting there? It can be an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience, especially if you were counting on having that desk for the day.

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To avoid overlapping meetings and ensure that everyone can access the resources they need, it’s important to have something in the workplace that displays real-time information about room and desk availability. That’s where SyncSign comes in. Our IoT-Based E-Ink Display Solution provides a digital room display (or be used for desk hoteling) that shows the status of each meeting room or desk, making it easy for everyone to see when they’re free and reserve them as needed.

With SyncSign Display, all you need to do is just booking the room or desk on your reservation system in advance. When you come back to the company one day, you would discover the reservation information shown on the Display. By deploying our Display, it can sync with your existing calendar system, visualizing the real-time reservation information, which realizes the information exchange between every staff and improves much better experience in the workplace for everyone.

- Future -

The transition from physical office to flexible workspace would be more and more pervasive in the future. If you’re considering adopting a flexible workspace model or already have implemented it, you might make some changes to adapt to this model. Hence, you could consider our IoT-based E-Ink Display Solution for better workspace management and a more positive experience for your staff. Our solution provides real-time information about room/desk status, making it easy for employees to find and reserve the space they need.

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