Visualize Your Workspace

With True Wireless Solutions

E-ink Displays

Place it anywhere to visualize meeting schedules, appointment information, action plans, and collaborative tasks, empowering teams to work more efficiently and make better use of the space.

epaper signage

IoT Sensors

Easily deployable Occupancy Sensors and Climate Sensors can track meeting rooms, office workstation utilization and environmental conditions all-day. Use visual data to help making decisions.

Hassle Free Booking & Scheduling

Sync with Your Existing Calendars

Calendar UI

Just use your familiar user interface.

Employee Friendly

No IT knowledge or training needed.


Synchronize real-time status of the calendars.

Energy-efficient & Maintenance-free

4.2 inch eink meeting room signage

True Wireless

2.4GHz two-way communication, no cables required.

Battery Powered

At least 1-year battery life, benefits from the e-ink screen and new connectivity technology.

Green Technology

Eco-friendly and sustainable. Get rid of any paper or printing.

Lowest TCO

Reduce total cost of ownership by eliminating installation and maintenance fee.​

Easy to Install - Just Like A Sticky Note

SyncSign can easily attach on almost any surface with the wall-mounted bracket and the super magnet on the back.


Highly Customizable

  • Select the layout templates we offered.
  • Customize your corporate branding or logo across all the devices.
  • The open API/SDK makes customization easier.
digital desk signage

Immediate Savings with Measurements

Integrated with IoT Sensors

Rapid deployment of occupancy sensors, climate sensors across your workplace, collecting dynamic data in a non-Intrusive way.

Track Occupancy Levels

Measure, and optimize workspace occupancy, with IoT sensors and cloud analytics.

Optimize Energy Usage

Long vacant period with dynamic operating hours make energy conservation challenging. Get remote accessible usage data to cut cost immediately.

Make Smart Decisions

Get insight into utilisation rates and environmental facts, make unbiased decisions on schedules, facility maintenance and upgrades.

One Size Does Not Fit All

[ 7.5 Inch ]

  • Designed to display more information in higher resolution.
  • Best for conference room signage display in the office, university, stadium.
  • As a price & specification board in an auto dealership or shopping mall.

[ 4.2 Inch ]

  • Recommended for small and medium-sized meeting room & classroom booking, scheduling and management. Or as a personal calendar board.
  • Comes with programmable buttons for feedback or simple input.

[ 2.9 Inch ]

  • Perfect fit for desk reservation signage in co-working space.
  • As a price tag in the supermarket.
  • As an inventory tag or warehouse.

Long Term Availability

We will be offering at least one product line of SyncSign devices until at least 31/12/2030, and will be guaranteeing the same conditions in terms of the availability of core functions for this same period. This includes installation, configuration, start-up and operation (via various user interface devices, including selected smartphones). The way we will do this is by:

– offering SyncSign hardware and application plus a licensed cloud-based solution, and/or
– offering an On-Premise Server solution to be operated and purchased by the customer, and/or
– releasing the SyncSign related open source interface options for what will then be a generally available community solution.

Works Well in Many Scenarios

The Wide-ranging Application of Digital E-ink Display
Digital E-ink Display
Parking Lot

- Our Clients & Partners -

Worthington Libraries

What our clients say

SyncSign is always responsive to any question I have, they keep me informed and they understand who we are and what we’re trying to do. I firmly believe that. And, any time that I make contact with them, they let me know they’ve received it and they let me know what the next step is.

Kelli Gibson
IT Manager

I know they are going to be honest with me. I am not going to get a subpar product; I know it is going to be good. Quality is always there. That is the number one advantage of working with SyncSign because I just do not want to be sold. I want to trust that what I am getting is going to be good.

Chris Klinge
System Administrator

SyncSign team has been very impressive. They communicate on a daily basis and make sure each job is done as requested. I would definitely recommend.

Jon High
Office Manager

While the solutions identified and implemented by SyncSign have been impressive and helped the organization meet its savings targets, a major element of the SyncSign approach has been the co-operative and professional manner the SyncSign team has employed to engage teams. Without exception, our managers and teams have expressed enthusiasm for working with SyncSign.

Brendan Smith
IT OPS Manager


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