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- Challenges -

In the last article, we talked about the necessity of installing the E-ink digital signage for meeting rooms. This time, we will introduce how clinic software integrates with SyncSign Display to show the patients’ appointment information.

Let us think back to your journey in the hospital in past. You have reserved the proper date online. When you came to the hospital, hopefully, you could find the doctor’s room quickly.

But actually not everyone can find the doctor’s room smoothly. It’s unavoidable that some people would feel confused about which room he or she should walk into, especially the first time. In this situation, people would tend to lose patience and have a terrible mood.

Because of that, doctors sometimes would be interrupted casually by people as they want to know whether he or she find the right room or not, or they want to know when his or her turn will. That not only affects people’s experience in the hospital but also leads to the hospital in bad order to some extent.

So if there is a sign to show the appointment information on the wall or door, it would facilitate people to find the right room smoothly.

- Paper Sign and Tablet -

Paper Sign and Tablet

Maybe you would say sticking a paper sign nearby the door to show the appointment information can solve the problem. However, it lacks timely information updates and hospital workers need to replace it repeatedly, which is very troublesome and time-consuming.

Based on that, you might choose the tablets as a room signage. It is much better than a paper sign obviously in terms of synchronizing the information but it needs a continuous power supply for function. In other words, it needs complex installation with wires. Furthermore, with tablets, it needs to employ an extra administrator to do regular maintenance. Above all , it is not the best solution for the hospital.

Hence, is it possible that visualizing the appointment information in real time with wireless installation in the hospital? Nothing is impossible. Please read sequentially.

-Solution -

To sum up, the perfect sign can

  • show the meeting room status synchronously
  • be easy to install
  • be used for a long time without frequent charge

Well, the ideal solution is adopting the e-ink digital room signage. Just like SyncSign Display, it could show the doctor name, patient name and appointment information synchronously. People can know whether he or she finds the right room or not by just glancing at a display.

Meanwhile, it has long battery life because with a low-energy e-ink screen, the display only consumes energy when something shown on the display is changed. Hospital personnel needn’t to check out whether the display functions well or not within a long time and could focus on more important affairs without any concern. That is very friendly and convenient for hospital personnel.

Lastly, paste (or put) the SyncSign Display on the sticker (or bracket), and then the display would stick firmly on the surface, which is easy to make the scalable deployment in the hospital.

However, as we all know, each clinic will use its own appointment system but that will not be a problem.

  • Option One: Sync with the existing calendar system

As long as the reservation system can sync with the calendar system, then SyncSign E-ink signage can display the appointments by syncing with the calendar system.

  • Option Two:API calls

SyncSign provides the open API document, developers can push the content to the SyncSign Display via API calls.


- Advantages -

-Sync with existing calendar system: Office 365, Google Calendar, G-Suite (Google Workspace), MS Exchange.

-Battery-powered: With Low battery consumption energy. The battery autonomy time can be 1-year.

-Truly cable-free installation: No cabling, no drilling. Adapted for all surfaces. Free users from drilling holes in the wall.

-Easy to set up: Can be set up in minutes.

-Secure System: All transmissions between Display and Hub are encrypted with AES-128. The connection between Hub and Cloud server is WPA2/WPA3/TLSv1.2 protected.

- Benefits -

  • It is a cost-effective solution for hospital

It needn’t costing too much and spending much time installing. 

At the same time, because of the low-energy e-ink screen, it has long battery life so you needn’t to employing an extra administrator for regular maintenance. That means hospital personnel doesn’t have to charge the device for 1 year at least. 

Furthermore, it improves people’s experience in the hospital by visualizing the real-time information with IoT technology. By doing so, it would maintain good order in the hospital as well as enhance customer satisfaction with hospital service.

  • It is beneficial for people and doctors

Except for facilitating people to find the right doctor’s room, protecting people’s privacy also should be taken into account. 

SyncSign Display has a flexible customized content capability, which can show the information without exposing the private information of people. That is very convenient and friendly for people. 

At the same time, the doctor no longer worries that people would break into the room when the doctor is meeting with other patients.

- Future -


So Is it possible that visualizing the appointment in real time in the hospital? 

Of course! With loT technology, SyncSign Display can make it come true.

 If you are the hospital administrator and you think it is a good idea that visualizing the appointment in real time in the hospital. 

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