office pob

- Introduction -

As we know, open-plan workspace facilitates staff communicating with each other. They could directly walk to someone’s desk to discuss the problems. However, open-plan workspace has its obvious disadvantages: it would make much noise in the workplace. The common noise comes from the rapid tapping sound in the keyboard, people’s conversations. Of course, we will be influenced by outside noise to some extent, like car horns sounding.

If we stay at too much noisy working environment, we will be tend to distracted, leading to poor performance and low productivity, which decreases staff’s working efficiency and affect the quality of work.

Moreover, imagine that staff need to call with someone temporarily, but the surrounding environment is too noisy to suitable to talk with someone on the phone. In addition, sometimes staff need to have an online meeting with someone. Due to the prevalence of remote working, this way is becoming more and more common nowadays.

Besides, some companies with hybrid working model allow their staff to choose how and where they work—working in an office environment and working from home. However, they have such concern: as their temporary workspace, whether their desk is used by others before they arrive at the company.

In a word, staff sometimes need a quiet and private space for personal using while it is impossible that every staff owns a office. Consequently, some companies would adopt the office pods to provide staff with shared working space.

- The Advantages of Pob -

Complement the room resources with cost-effective way

When you find the shared rooms is insufficient to be used by staff, building a new one room is time-consuming and costly. Maybe you need to employ a professional worker to formulate the layout at the base of existing space that is available to build a new one room. By this way, not only you have to invest much money and time, but also your staff would be affected by the noise to some extent in the process of constructing a room, which might last for several months.

Because the pob supplier manufacture it in advance and you would receive the finished product. Hence, with pod, you just deploy it at the suitable place and then get start it!

Create a quiet and private working space

When staff want to stay at the private space to call with someone, have a meeting or focus on something without any interference, pob can provide them with a quiet and private working space. By doing so, staff can avoid being disrupted and concentrate on their tasks, thereby increasing the working efficiency and push their working performance. Besides that, it can prevent other staff in the workplace from being influenced as well. Pob benefits everyone!

- Challenge -

As the shared room resource, if it can’t be managed well, it would be in disorder. It is unavoidable that both staff want to use a pob at the same time period. Or a staff see another staff calling with someone in the pob but he doesn’t know when he can use the pob, so he has no choice but to wait or look for another place.

So unpleasant is the office experience!

- Solution -

Recently, our customer deployed a pob that accommodates a person in their working space. In order to make good use of it, they installed the SyncSign Display on the door of pob to show the real-time status of pob, playing a role in better pob resource management.

In this way, their staff can know when a pob is available clearer and when he can reserves it. Everyone can use the pob when he want to use, which enhances the utilization of pob and improve the office experience.

Of course, there are three different types of pobs in the market:

  • Small (accommodate 1 person)
  • Medium (accommodate 2 persons)
  • Large (accommodate 3-4 persons)

If you choose the pob that accommodate more person with bigger space, we recommend you to take a look another two size of SyncSign Display: 4.2 inch and 7.5 inch. These two Display can show much more information on the screen.

office booth with room signage

- Features -

Sync with Booking System

Synchronize room status and future events with existing system (G Suite, Google Calendar, Office 365, Exchange) or with your booking system by SyncSign API.

Easy Installation

Like a sticky note, it can be installed in minutes with bracket or magic sticker on almost any surface. So user-friendly it is!

Long Battery Life

With ultra low power consumption technology, the battery life can be at least 1 year. You don’t need to spend extra time managing it.

- Future -

Open-plan workspace is full of noise. With office booth, it could provide staff with a flexible working space to focus on their work when they want to keep away from the noise office environment temporarily.

To make better use of work booth, by deploying SyncSign Display, it would visualize the real-time status of booth. By doing so, it realizes the information exchange among every staff and they can know when they can use the booth.

Want to learn more details about our Display? Just click here. We are willing to hear your ideas.