IoT-based OEM/ODM Service for
Sharing Space Management

- Challenge -

Despite having their own booking system, people to sharing space still feel confused whether a desk is available. For those people who have reserved a spot, they would worry that someone else will take their space upon arrival. For other people what doesn’t book a spot in advance, they would find it difficult to identify which spot is available for use and which have already been reserved or occupied by others. All of these situation could the sense of uncertainty and confusion to people

Additionally, this lack of clarity could also lead to sharing space being left unoccupied for extended periods, especially when others may require workspace. When valuable resources are not fully utilized, it can create an atmosphere of inefficiency and waste in sharing spaces.

Hence, without showing the availability of sharing space, it would bring much inconvenience for people. However, how do people manage those sharing resources? Manual management? Obviously, it is troublesome and time-consuming: the person who is responsible for the managing the sharing resources would need to update the booking information over and over again, like repeatedly replacing the paper or signage that shows the reservation information.

- Solution -

If there is the solution that can displays the reservation information in real time without manual effort, it is not only streamlines the workflow but also makes it easy for people to see if a desk has already been reserved and by whom, thus easing their concerns and ensuring they have a designated workspace.

To address this challenge, SyncSign loT-based solution for sharing space can integrate the reservation system with e-ink display placed on each desk.

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Option 1

We offer SyncSign Cloud/SOPS, SyncSign Hub, SyncSign E-ink Display, and an open API for SyncSign Cloud/SOPS. You can submit the content you want to display on the E-ink screen using the API, and the SyncSign devices will take care of the rest.

Option 2

We can provide only the E-ink display and an open BLE communication protocol, allowing you to push the content you want to display on the e-ink screen via another Bluetooth central device.

- Benefits -

  • Improve the management of sharing space

With showing the real-time reservation information on the Display, such automatic management can not only simplify the workflow but also is beneficial for making good use of the sharing space.

  • Reduce the unexpected occupancy

Visualizing the reservation information can avoid the spot that you book being occupied occasionally by others, which is contribute to provide people with the great experience.

  • Less regular device maintenance

Through adopting the E-ink screen and Bluetooth low energy technology, you needn’t to charge a Display within at least one year.

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