IoT-based OEM/ODM Service for
Smart Building

- Challenge -

Resource wastage: The traditional cleaning methods often lack statistical support, resulting in wastage of resources such as manpower, cleaning time, and cleaning products.

Poor cleaning effect: Traditional cleaning methods are difficult to measure and control the cleaning quality accurately, which can easily lead to complaints and dissatisfaction from people due to the poor cleaning effect.

- Solution -

To address this issue, we offer an intelligent feedback cleaning system. The system consists of an e-ink display with buttons, a PIR sensor, a gateway, and a server.

The e-ink display with buttons is used to collect real-time user feedback. Meanwhile, the gateway would collect the feedback and submit them to the server. This server acts as a backend management system for summarizing the collected data. The display also shows the previous cleaning time and a QR code for collecting data on employee completion of cleaning tasks. The PIR sensor is used to track restroom usage frequency.

PIR sensor



E-ink Display with Buttons



By using the PIR sensor and the e-ink display with buttons, the system can efficiently manage and optimize cleaning work by recording public area usage and user feedback. When a user gives negative feedback, the system immediately dispatches a cleaner to perform the cleaning task. When the PIR sensor detects a certain number of people, the system also automatically dispatches a cleaner.

Additionally, the cleaning staff can use the buttons on the e-ink display to check in and record their attendance, allowing management personnel to better monitor their work. This intelligent feedback cleaning system can improve the cleanliness and management efficiency of public areas, save manpower and time, and provide users with a more comfortable experience.

Option 1

We provide the gateway and feedback devices, with customized development to integrate with your server. (If you already have a management system and wish to quickly integrate our product into your system.)

Option 2

We have completed all the gateway and feedback devices, as well as the server.

- Benefits -

  • Real-time monitoring

It can collect real-time data and automatically issue cleaning requests, effectively allocate cleaning staff, thereby improving cleaning efficiency and reducing workload.

  • Data analysis

The use of sensors and data analysis tools can provide valuable cleaning mode analysis, helping to optimize cleaning plans and improve cleaning efficiency.

  • Reduced cost

The application of intelligent technology can help reduce unnecessary cleaning and maintenance costs, as well as minimize the use of cleaning supplies.

  • Better user experience

By using data to improve the cleaning process, this solution can improve the user’s cleaning experience, providing a cleaner and comfortable space.

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