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E-Ink Screen vs. Real Paper

The e-paper displays take over the traditional way of updating information via printing and posting paper. Thus, information about prices, shelf contents, personal schedules, or room occupancy can be easily synchronized and displayed to customers or employees.
Everywhere you see paper, imagine a world where it’s replaced by a tiny screen that draws almost no power, looks like paper, and is fully interactive.

– David Pierce, WIRED.COM

Need Flexible Screens in Your Project?

SyncSign offers e-paper display demonstration and prototyping kits to assist product managers, designers and engineers in the development of new products. It’s time to turn technology component into a digital signage solution that meets your specific need.

The SyncSign starter kit combines many advantages at a manageable price. It’s a turn-key solution  that enables a simple entry into the process digitization of production, logistics, or flexible, dynamic pricing in your business. It’s up to you to find ideal application areas.

A Digital, Always-On Post-It Note You Can Stick Anywhere

Wireless & Always Connected

SyncSign's industrial standard robust 2.4GHz wireless network ensures a range of up to 100 meters radius. The IoT hub that manages the e-ink wireless displays is capable of collecting data from ZigBee sensors as well.

Green, Year-Long Battery Life

Ultra-low power consumption. Keep displaying the last content when power down. The SyncSign's wireless display can refresh 8000~20000 times on a single charge, thus minimizing the maintenance efforts for your clients. 

Easy Software Integration‎

No hardware knowledge required to build a fully functional wireless display system. The e-ink displays can integrate into your solution with open SDK/APIYou can displays any contents via simple interface, including geometric graphics, texts, and images.

Rich Dev Resources

Comes with helpful development resources and manual. Our professional technical team is here and happy to help.

Learn It in 10 Minutes

RESTful API Example

SyncSign API provides remote access through SyncSign Web Service and allows integration between existing third-party web service.
A simple ‘Hello World’ request as below:

POST       https://api.sync-sign.com/v2/key/{api_key}/nodes/{node_id}/renders


Hub Plugin Example

Hub SDK allows developer to run customized Python code on Hub directly. It’s faster and requires no web service or even Internet.
A simple ‘Hello World’ code snippet as below:


A Ready-to-Go Development Kit

SyncSign provides an all-in-one kit to develop your custom digital sign. Get it and create now to drive revenue!

All kits come with standard SyncSign Apps, Web-API and Hub-Plugin software development environment to get started immediately. You can quickly develop large-scale versatile digital solutions through custom applications: museum labels, door signage, parking signs, arrival information boards and more. 

Turnkey Services & Solutions

It’s a complete turnkey solution for your comercial e-Paper digital signage applicationsWe have clients that have been using this cutting edge signage technology for retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, finance, automation, and corporation.

Whenever you are ready to ship your new product together with SyncSign’s modules, you can benefit from SyncSign’s proven technology. Based on our experience with customers, we offer a purchase model that combines maximum freedom with usability and cost efficiency, with the starter kit being the core of your later project.

Feel free to contact us for bulk pricing.

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