Occupancy Sensor

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SyncSign Occupancy sensor provides a cornerstone for the flexible workplace by sensing and processing occupancy data that is enriched and highly accurate, all while protecting privacy.
– Integrate with SyncSign Display, end the meeting schedule when nobody shows up in the meeting room.
– The real-time detection of presence, location, and the number of people in a given space allow for ad hoc allocation of office resources such as conference rooms and desks.
– Generate historical and actual utilization data allows for efficient layout of appliances and devices such as printers, coffee machines, and other amenities to better accommodate employees’ needs and usage of space.



- Wireless Transmission Protocol

Zigbee(IEEE 802.15 .4)

Power Supply

Button Battery (CR2450)

Operating Temperature

-10℃~+45℃ (14℉~113℉)

Operating Humidity

0~95%RH, non-condensing

Detection Range


Detection Angle

≈170 °